Message from Our President

  • Customer First

    Taseto Co., Ltd. will maintain this stance as it continues to evolve
    as a pioneer in welding-related products.

    Taseto Co., Ltd.
    President and Representative Director
      Tomokazu Morimoto

Taseto is a pioneer in special welding materials and flaw detection materials that has inherited the legacy of Takata Ship Bottom Coating Co., the first private welding materials manufacturer. The company’s name is derived from Takata Ship Bottom Coating Co. (Takada Sentei Toryo). In 2004, we joined the Welding Business Department Group of Kobe Steel, Ltd.

The company has believed in putting the customer first as part of its basic philosophy ever since its founding. As a company that deals in technical products such as specialized welding materials and flaw detection agents, we have worked with customers to find solutions on-site so that our products can fulfill their needs. Not only Taseto’s general employees, but also all of our executives in technical development, quality control, logistics, general affairs, and other departments will push forward with the intent of maintaining this stance.

In the field of specialized welding materials, Taseto’s welding materials not only for general-purpose stainless steel, but also high nickel steel, two-phase stainless steel, and so on, have received high praise. In addition, our liquid penetrant inspection agents, represented by Color Check, our spatter adhesion prevention agents (Spanon), and other products are highly regarded as well. To ensure that we do not fail to meet our customers’ needs, we strive to continuously develop and improve our products. To enable our customers to place their faith in our products, on the quality control front, Taseto has independently obtained ISO 9001 certification and continues to make use of it.

It is said that welding is the origin of manufacturing. In addition, flaw detection agents are extremely important for ensuring the safety of inspected products. Going forward, Taseto will remain firmly committed to making contributions both to our customers in this field and to the rest of the world.