Environmental Initiatives

  • Taseto Co., Ltd., strives to implement comprehensive measures for safety and environmental preservation in everything from its products to the working environment and community.

Environmental Initiatives

Taseto Co., Ltd., carries out all of its business activities with care and responsibility that
takes into consideration preservation of the global environment, preservation of ecosystems,
and the safety and health of its employees, customers, and community residents.

Environmental Policy

All employees and executives of Taseto Co., Ltd., shall:

  • (1) Show consideration toward the natural environment and social environment
  • (2) Exercise appropriate self-management and maintain close business alliances
  • (3) Utilize highly reliable safety evaluations and comply with relevant laws and regulations
  • (4) On the basis of the above, strive to minimize the impact of all processes related to product development, manufacture, distribution, and usage on the environment, safety, and health

In addition, safety for the environment, products, labor, equipment, and logistics shall form the pillars of our environmental safety activities, and each year priority items shall be decided and a specific plan of action shall be formulated.

1.Environmental Safety

  • (1) Reducing industrial waste discharged during product development
  • (2) Recycling industrial waste

2.Product Safety

  • (1) Record the discharge and transfer of specified chemical substances
  • (2) Prior assessments of chemical substances
  • (3) Report new chemical substances
  • (4) Use chemicals that do not fall under the PRTR Law in product development

3.Labor Safety

  • (1) Addressing harmful substances discharged during product development
  • (2) Selecting raw materials that do not have bad effects on the working environment and workers

4.Substance Safety

  • (1) Keeping SDSs (safety data sheet)

5.Equipment Safety

  • (1) Periodic equipment inspections
  • (2) Countermeasures for fires and other accidents